About Us

A partner of choice shielding your digital way of life!

Company Overview

Lera Tech is a 360-degree Digital Enabler with years of expertise to guide you in your digital transformation journey. Our team believes in augmenting your business landscapes with technology and consulting prowess. The holistic services that we offer drive enterprise growth stories by empowering everything towards new heights. We are determined to take you towards a digital future by defining or re-defining business scope, enhancing process with technology, helping reinvent organizations, reconnecting with target markets, measuring the transition impact, aligning the value chain and many more.

Our Journey

Started with T24

implementation at MKB, Hungary


with AI Ghandi Solution

Risk Management Software

for world Fortune 50 organization


Vivo, Adepta, Origin

Starting of Digital Next

Enabling companies in Digital Transformation

Eficaz Real Time Launch

1st Eficaz RT Implementation in a large ME bank

Acquired Corpsols

Software Solutions Company

Implemented BPM Solution

at Olive Healthcare

Launch of Eficaz

ETL suite, BRS-Automated Reconciliation system and Cockpit - BI

Recognized as

The Growth Enablers of the BFSI Industry by CIO Review

Launch of FNOL

Fraud and Investigation Analytics

Geographies We Operate In

Lera Technologies World Map

Lera continues to develop and expand its footprint.

Our Expertise

We offer tailor-made services and solutions to help you get the most out of your Data Assets. We serve in the areas of Big Data, Analytics, IoT, Social Analytics, UI/UX, QA & Testing, Ecosystem Integration, Technology Consulting, and Human Capital Engagement. Our product portfolio includes powerful BI tool ‘Meteor,’ Pricing tool ‘FinOne,’ Customer Experience Platform ‘Prowise,’ and Data Warehouse suite ‘Eficaz RT’ and ‘Eficaz’.

Why Us?

A synergy of domain expertise & technology know-how
Deep understanding of varied industry processes
Tailored solutions to meet your specific needs
Groundbreaking approaches
Proven track record of delivering robust IT solutions
High degree flexibility and responsiveness
Expertise in resolving real-time business problems
Trusted by global companies across industries