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Advanced Analytics

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Social Media platforms bridge the gap between an organization and its valued customers through feedback, comments, complaints, and suggestions. The data collected helps in understanding how the brand is being perceived by the potential customers and further helps in better decision-making at the business front. Our unique approach in social analytics involves extracting required information from the social media pages on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to generate insightful reports. We monitor, analyze, measure and interpret digital interactions to provide you a better understanding of your customers and target audience.

What we Offer?

Sentiment Analysis

We use NLP (natural language processing) based algorithms to analyze conversations on social media platforms. This approach helps in evaluating a net score that depicts the sentimental inclination towards the brand.

Trend Analysis

We compare your previous and present reports to figure out the key drivers of increase or drop in the sentiments regarding any marketing initiatives made on social media pages. It helps you in drawing insights on the prevailing trends from the brand or product perspective.

Brand Monitoring

Our team of experts review your competitors’ websites through their social media pages and help your organization build a strong presence in all the social media platforms.

Our Expertise

Voice of Customer

Sentiment analytics
Channel analysis
Community & competitors monitoring

Social Media Engagement

Influencer engagement
Engagement strategy
Creation of advocates & loyalists

Social Media Advanced Analysis

Managed Analysis & Reporting
Capability beyond tool output
Retention & ROI per segment

Assessment & Strategy

Social Media involvement analysis
Usage of tools/resources
SMA for strategic objectives


SM Program Maturity
Competitor Analysis
Data Analysis
Measurement for benchmarking

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Powerful analytics tools
Deep analysis of your Social Media pages to derive customer behavior patterns
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