Artificial Intelligence

Transform your business with automation and smart insights

Artificial Intelligence

Conversational AI is the future for enterprises

AI Platform by Lera works to accelerate automation, eliminate human errors and gather business insights with its cloud applications and platforms. Lera’s AI platform helps you get better business insights with its full suite of applications powered with adaptive intelligence. The technology is aimed at transforming your business with automation,  smart insights, and personalized recommendations.

Our techniques enable organizations to build and deploy AI applications at scale with the cloud infrastructure services with its compute for data intensive workloads, fast cloud storage, and low-latency.

Here, you get the following benefits with Lera’s in-depth AI solutions:

A collaborative platform for data science teams : Data science teams can efficiently build, train, manage, and deploy machine learning (ML) models using techniques such as model reproducibility, secure collaboration etc.

Focus on High Value Tasks: AI improves performance and security along with cost lowering with embedded ML.

Conversational AI for your business: AI powered chatbots are employed for business applications that can interpret a user’s intent, automate processes, and deliver responses via voice and text commands.

AI needs Data at its foundation so companies must manage diverse data structures at every stage of the AI lifecycle. Companies manage portfolios, including Autonomous Database, NoSQL, and big data for accessing, storing, and processing any type of data from any source.


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