Accelerating innovation

With the cloud-native

Cloud Development

Get a tailored cloud to meet your business needs

Lera’s cloud development platform is a one-stop solution for addressing the technical, commercial, and support requirements for the enterprise’s modernization. The platform leverages open stack technologies, encompasses a full-stack platform that defines and provisions the future architecture for any enterprise.

We have an architecture-first approach that simplifies the development and execution of container-based applications on the modern and industry-standard Kubernetes infrastructure. The cloud development platform automates DevOps, microservice, and UI development to accelerate cloud-native development.

Our development platform gives you the experience, best practices, and tools to develop architectural patterns and curate technology stacks with in-built end-to-end automation.

Lera’s cloud development and implementation services include:

  • Designing, sizing, and building the cloud data center
  • Innovate cloud culture with the CI CD platform
  • Private cloud build-out
  • Create, deploy Cloud infrastructure and applications for deployment

Benefits of Deploying Cloud Development with LERA:

  • Deploy faster: the cloud can be deployed on any platform, enhancing the customer experience and improving your time to market by up to 50%.

  • Modern culture and enhanced capabilities: Lera’s cloud development method encompasses new ways of working, and the application is capable of eliminating a majority of defects.

  • Innovation, along with timely delivery, balancing the cost and risk: Lera’s cloud development strategies optimizes the application development process to reduce the total cost to develop new applications. 

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