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Data Science

Infuse life into data and aid in business growth

Converting your data into business opportunities is no more a major challenge today, in fact, retrieving real-time information about your customer is what your business requires to achieve a sustainable competitive edge. Data Science and analytics can make the job easier for you. They let you understand how your customers behave and what can drive there interest in your products and services in them.

We provide Data Science and Advanced Analytics services across all industries to build models and solutions that have the ability to support diverse decision-making. With an ability to conceptualise real-life business as well as commercial problems, we provide insights, quantify jeopardies and benefits along with solutions to digitalising your business. Being a specialist in Data Science and Analytics, we ensure that our global clientele reaps benefits through our newest and gilt-edged data science services that help in improving the bottom-line output of their organizations.

At Lera, we help you manage your supply chain effectively and improve customer satisfaction by predicting the demands for your offerings and prescribing ways to meet the demands more effectively. Our team of experts helps you develop robust business strategy and optimize operations while discovering new opportunities for growth.

What we Offer?


Our data science experts have worked with various organizations across industries & technology areas to help them monetize their data and bring massive value to the business. We offer guidance in choosing the right methods, tools and technologies to get the most out of your data assets. Our data science consultants work closely with you to ensure that you realize the maximum business outcomes, while developing enduring relationships. By creating the visions and execution roadmap, our domain experts simplify your critical data-related business challenges.

Data Generation

Our data scientists prepare a data chart using time analysis and outlier analysis to categorically define different variables for your business.

Model Creation

We help you build fail-proof business strategy by backing you with analytical models and algorithms, developed by accumulating your business data.


Our experts integrate cutting-edge solutions into your IT infrastructure to help you simplify processes. Post-implementation, we extend continuous support to your team and also provide training to the key users on how to monitor and manage customer engagement leveraging the real-time reports and KPI’s.

Our Approach

Data Inspection

With a solid understanding of your business objectives, our experts inspect your data ensuring that you are dealing with the right information required to meet the specific needs of your business. We provide you a clear view of your data by cleansing out the irrelevant data from your data pool.

Data Model Development

We create analytical data models for your business enabling a 360 degree view of your customer. Leveraging predictive analytics, we forecast the future trends in customer behavior to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Solution Implementation

With unparalleled expertise, our data science professionals implement solutions in your organization. Our proven methodology helps you create maximum value for your business. We extend continuous support in managing & operating post-implementation.

Industries We Serve

One Brand - Many Targets : Serving across Multiple Verticals

With digital transformation as our core, we focus on a wide variety of verticals. We are associated with companies ranging from small & medium businesses to large enterprises having a desire and vision of digital transformation. We have been partnering with several of our clients from different industries to help them improving their bottom-line. An end-to-end vertical approach to service delivery, technology-led solutions and a client-centric client-partner approach enable us to deliver business value to our clients who hail from diverse industries.

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