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Data Science is the need of the hour to accelerate business, infusing AI into your business and make more sense to the data than there ever was. This is a customer-driven enterprise world where real-time information about your customer is the essential requirement to keep a competitive edge for your business. Data science and analytics have made converting your data into a business opportunity a seamless experience.

Our data science team at Lera helps you understand your customers with our data visualization tools. Data science and machine learning solutions provide the basis for business growth, cost and risk reduction, and new business model creation.

Data Scientists at Lera have the expertise to conceptualize real-life business with their artificial intelligence and data science frameworks. These insights help create solutions and progress towards digitalizing, establishing a data-driven enterprise. We create data algorithms and data frameworks for your business that ensure comprehensive benefits to your global clients, improving their business outputs by many folds.

Lera: Process Flow


to monetize the data and bring value to the business. Creating vision, execution roadmap, and simplify data-related business challenges.

Data Generation

by preparing the data chart and categorical analysis to define different variables for your business.

Model Creation

creating a robust business strategy with analytical models algorithms, developed by accumulating your business data.


simplifying the data analysis process by providing continuous support to your team on how to monitor and manage customer engagement leveraging the real-time reports and KPI’s.

How do we do it?

Data Inspection

Having the right set of information is mandatory to process and meet your business needs. We filter the irrelevant data and keep the set that will help your business grow.

Data Model Development

Creating data models that predict future trends in customer behavior and help you stay ahead of the curve.

Solution Implementation

And finally creating maximum value for your business with our proven data science methodologies.

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