Design Engineering

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Design Engineering

Revolutionizing the state of the digital art solutions

Digitally connected workforce, robust networks, smart connected products are the need of the hour for enterprises. Introducing new launches to the market locally and faster requires a reorientation of the production techniques. This becomes possible with the massive intervention of design engineering in product design, software-defined networking, robotics, IoT and containerization.

Lera Engineering Services is strategically molded to respond to customer needs on a real-time basis. We build highly competitive technology solutions and focus on continuous cost improvements.

Digital design engineers at Lera help customers in building evolutionary products and solutions with their expertise in engineering practices. This leverages their investment in existing products and enhances the production with powerful next-generation technologies. We use digital engineering for enterprises to build hybrid solutions that deliver the desired business outcomes.

The Design Engineering services at Lera include a multitude of innovative digital solutions, accelerators, and tools for clients: 

Social Analytic solutions: Social interaction solutions at Lera translates communications into actionable insights.

Multi-channel site builder: We offer dynamic content management systems to create multiple website variations.

Unified Interface for Consumer-centric Organizations: our engineers focus on integrating and aggregating complex enterprise systems. 

Market Scouting: we create technology to evaluate markets and create ‘inspire to buy models’ 

Virtual Assistant: digital innovations at lera uncovers customer disconnect for a better understanding of customer needs. 

At Lera, we focus on remaining ahead of the competition by rapidly launching products to the market, realizing revenues, and getting real time feedback. Our state of the art digital technology has leveraged the engineering industry products to bring together multi-disciplines such as embedded, electrical, electronics, mechanical, networking, software, and advanced technologies.

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