Digital Transformation Trends For 2020

As the year 2019 is all ready to bid adieu, the year 2020 is all set to take us by surprise. We have been witnessing the revolutionary changes that digital transformation is bringing into the world for a few years now and the way it is stirring up our lives through technological innovations. The next mission of world business leaders is to leverage even newer technologies and combine them to present an exceptional experience to mankind. What you may not be knowing is, the workforce is already deployed for this mission.

Fueled by innovation, every business is putting in efforts to bring a disruption in their own way to stay ahead in the competition. So, what’s awaiting in the year 2020?

Here’s the list of a few Digital transformation trends that are believed to surface in the upcoming year 2020. Let’s dive in.


Doesn’t it sound amazing? That’s true. The companies like Qualcomm, Verizon, AT&T, and Nokia are working to make sure that this happens by the next year. The 5G is believed to be 40 times faster and can transmit the data more efficiently compared to the 4G. With its increased transmission capacity and bandwidth, 5G can be advantageous for navigating the autonomous and semi-autonomous cars. It can help in broadcasting the information sent through the in-built car sensors on road conditions and suggest taking a new route. In short, for many upcoming technological applications, 5G would inevitably be the next-gen wireless connectivity that everyone is counting on.

Last but not least, WiFi6 will be the fastest connectivity. While itself incomparable with 5G, WiFi6 will still be much more reliable for faster connectivity at the workplace and home.


It is going to be an indispensable part of any organization. To improve the user experience, it is important to get the right customer insights, which can be obtained solely through analytics. A company that is stepping into the journey of digital transformation needs to focus on collecting customer data from various touch-points to fetch valuable insights. The year 2020 might mark the rise of real-time data analysis for many organizations and would be the motto to stay ahead in the competition.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

As we talk about analytics, AI and ML shouldn’t be kept apart. Though data collection will be at its peak, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will help process the complex information. Moreover, any organization must understand that investing in data indirectly seeks investment into AI and ML too because this combination works the best and fetches positive outcomes.

Renaissance of Digital Privacy

With the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation coming into the picture, many companies will take the security and privacy protection on priority. Privacy and transparency will help the users to be aware of the information collected about them through the companies.


XaaS (Experience-as-a-service), UX/CX (User Experience & Customer Experience)
This is something that’s going to gain momentum next year. As the evolutions are imperative in AI and computing capabilities, it will certainly enhance the connectivity among the people. Moreover, we may see an evolution in cloud services, big data, analytics, blockchain, etc. The companies will prioritize improving the UX/CX as a digital transformation step for better customer retention and lead generation for the business.


Most of the companies have already started on the digital transformation journey by knowing its critical for business development and success. We will wait to see how the above-mentioned trends are going to bring a change following the trajectory of digital transformation.