Digital transformation is Rapid technological evolutions and changing customer demands are pushing businesses to be more automatic, interactive, agile, transparent and go Digital. Today, digitalization is revolutionizing every aspect of a business from operation to process and management, making them more customer-focused. The fuel to this revolution is DATA that is drastically improving the decision-making process of businesses by powering them with actionable insights.

With a proven track record in helping organizations in transforming their businesses digitally, Lera enables you to deliver better products, services and solutions and ultimately, improve customer experience by leveraging the latest digital technologies. By exploiting your data, we improve your decision-making process and convert your less aware customers into ‘empowered’ customers. We collaborate with you in developing an effective digital strategy aligned with your key business objectives, implementing them, automating the process to help achieve a sustainable competitive edge.

Our comprehensive suite of services enabling digital transformation is ready to help you accelerate your digital journey. Are you ready?


  • Digitalization of business operations
  • Better decision-making, reducing costs and risks
  • More personalized experience to customers
  • Improved operational efficiency and higher revenue
  • Greater resource management
  • Greater customer insights

Our Approach

Digital-Enabled Applications

With an application-centric approach, we build digital-enabled applications for you to support digital transformation. We work closely with you and offer end-to-end support from developing the application to managing them using the latest technologies. We use open source technologies to build robust and reliable applications for you.


Our expert digital transformation consultants help you stay ahead of the curve by empowering you with insight-driven fail-proof strategies that help you expand your customer base. We create a roadmap for your digital transformation by defining each initiative that will lead to cost reduction, higher profitability, and greater revenue by enabling a deeper understanding of customers we help you deliver better exceptional customer experience.


We help you identify the key challenges for your business and implement new techniques and algorithms to get higher conversions for business growth. By enabling a deeper understanding of customers we help you deliver better exceptional customer experience.

Enterprise Architecture

We unlock the hidden potential of your business by leveraging your existing IT assets using the right technology and tools. Our technical architects are highly qualified in identifying the areas of improvement and optimizing the business processes by adapting to the changing business environments.

Digital Transformations Accelerators

A rapid digital transformation helps your business find new opportunities, simplify processes, have happier customers and create new value. At Lera, we leverage Digital Transformation Accelerators like Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Automation to help streamline your business processes faster by eliminating manual and automating monotonous tasks. These accelerators have the power to transform your existing business model and empower you with insights by exploiting your data. Rather than just lowering costs and headcount, we focus on augmenting your human capabilities, enabling a sustainable transformation.

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