The ever-growing consumer demands have led to an outburst of data, which posses Big Data challenges to the industries across all the sectors. Data generation at such a fast is propelling the organizations to leverage Big Data services to keep themselves updated and upfront in the competitive marketplace. Managing a corpus pool of data is not an easy task for the traditional tools and technologies and therefore enterprises are relying on the Big Data tools to accelerate business growth.

What We Offer?

B2B Integration

We offer B2B solutions to our clients that helps the organizations to manage their data consistently and connect with their business partners seamlessly. We possess the expertise in using open source technology and tools for digital integration that supports your business transactions efficiently.

API and Web Services Integration

We are proficient in developing an impressive ecosystem that can connect an enterprise with its customers, partners, and suppliers seamlessly through the APIs. Our consultants will guide you in selecting the API platform that is best suited for your business.

iPaaS Services

We enable the organizations to employ iPaaS services (Integration platform as a service) to help them integrate their cloud applications with on-premise applications and data efficiently.

Get the Lera Advantage

  • Access to a large pool of developers having expertise in building framework for ecosystem integration
  • Most relevant ecosystem technology for your business
  • Proven methodologies


  • Pre-built B2B Connectors
  • Automated tools to speed up processes
  • End-to-end visibility

What We Offer?

B2B Integration