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Getting data from time to time about your business is good. But what is better is if you could get real-time updates about business data. This is exactly what EficazRT aims at bringing to its banking clients. Lera’s flagship product EficazRT aims at capturing every data change in real-time and bringing it to your screen to help you constantly monitor business progress. EficazRT is a data warehousing suite that enables traditional core banking platforms to be used for cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics, and the like. This real-time updated data allows banks to capture essential trends in transactions that could help them identify and mitigate risks and also take decisions leading to better profits.

How the EficazRT implementation could change your business workflows?

Streamlining workflows

Real-time updated data helps create immediate reports from the Teminos 24 platform into standardized formats across processes. This allows for smoother actions from various stakeholders.

Relevant data:

Since workflows are automated and are updated in real-time, manual errors of data entry and representations get avoided. Additionally, the time taken to get data to the final user is faster since there is end-to-end automation involved here.

RT business insights:

Data that is updated at the moment helps you create better plans. It also helps you analyze trends and identify opportunities immediately. Thus overall efficiency is improved because of data that is represented well.

Easy maintenance:

Lera’s EficazRT is a lightweight banking solution that integrates well with Temenos 24, and is very simple to roll out and maintain.

Improved customer experience:

With new business opportunities explored and risks at bay, banking partners can focus more on customer experience. Lera’s EficazRT also helps analyze customer experience in real-time. Thus it creates a complete package for all-round business development. Since data is updated in real-time, the customers are also updated in real-time. Thus customer experience is further boosted by keeping them up to date about their transactions and other proceedings.

Risk management:

With real-time updated data, creating risk management plans becomes easier. This current data helps banks analyze the situation in the moment and take immediate measures for risk mitigation.

Lera has helped many clients to integrate this data warehousing suite with the Temenos 24 systems. Additionally, we also offer consultancy to customize the integration, train employees to utilize the platform, and even helps with constant maintenance and updation.

EficazRT has the proven and tested power of Eficaz at its core and is revolutionizing banks to be truly 21st-century banks. The proven and EficazRT by Lera should be your go-to tool to help you improve your data analytics capacity and at the same time create a well-encrypted data warehouse.



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