Internet of Things

The connectivity, networking, and communication!

Internet of things(IoT) solutions at Lera are innovated to deliver new experiences encompassing intelligence and humanity to outline a competitive differentiation and create value. Implementing IoT can take your customer experience to another level, optimize connected operations, and allow creating new business models by utilising sensor data at its best.

Lera Offers :

Tailor your IoT efforts to address your business needs in an agile way:

Lera offers services based on your current level of IoT adoption. The array of Tech consulting services by our professionals validates your business case, create or assess the IoT solution to be implemented, and design an IoT security architecture. This forms a prototype that can be rapidly assessed for uptake.

Our advanced IoT analytics services help create the right insights and actions for your existing business models. Our IoT testing and IoT security services ensure end-to-end stability and performance while remediating vulnerabilities from device to cloud.

We offer easily deployable solutions for enterprises that gather data from sensors to provide actionable business insights. We primarily cater to:

  • Field service management
  • lire-emlitive management
  • Remote services
  • Healthcare, insurance, life sciences

We combine our engineering services to use solutions and accelerators to unlock new efficiencies or move to a service business model. The IoT professionals at Lera have the expertise to provide hyper-personalized experiences to your customers. 

Success today means adding values with impact on your best ideas to market faster. LERA ensures powering the future of the business and improving everyday life!

We at LERA are well skilled to implement the automation process to help organizations to meet their business objectives. We test, configure, and integrate the solutions uniquely to get detailed execution to lessen the impact of business operations.

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