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JD Edwards is a leading ERP software suite that integrates over 80 application modules, end-user reporting, and robust industry functionality. Lera, as a preferred implementation partner for Oracle products, constantly helps clients implement, upgrade, and migrate to JD Edwards to unlock its true potential.

Because of its multi-platform integrations, JDE is best suited for cross-functional operations and in the manufacturing, food processing, and pharmaceutical industries. It is mostly used in the accounting and finance teams but is also a great fit for sales and manufacturing teams to manage backend operations. JDE is powerful yet very flexible and hence can be easily customized. One such customization that Lera has been helping clients with is the QR code addition to invoices to be legally compliant with the Government of India’s newest regulation.

Starting in August 2020, all companies in India with an aggregate turnover of ₹ 500 CR and more will be required to use e-invoicing platforms to generate bills. These bills will be carrying a QR code that is digitally signed and used to identify the details of the invoice. This new documentation could be challenging to implement since multiple workflows will be directly impacted. Lera Technologies can help resolve this challenge with its JDE integration services. With a bench of expert consultants, we are equipped to help identify and make necessary changes to ERP systems to ensure that the company can adhere to these changed government guidelines and yet have fully functioning accounting workflows.

Here is how Lera could help you with JDE in your workflows:

Implementation and Consulting:

Lera consults with companies to identify the need of the business processes and recommending standards and procedures that fit these processes and hence improves efficiency. We also help with converting data to the new JDE format to meet the goals of e-invoicing and similar integrations.

Maintenance, Training and Support:

Our team of consultants ensures a smooth rollout of new systems, train employees and are also available round the clock support to manage glitches and enhancements.

Migration and Upgrade:

Every ERP needs an upgrade from time to time. This is especially in cases where new regulations such as the e-invoicing one come into play. Upgrades may also mean moving completely to new ERP systems or existing customizations need to be moved to a new platform. Lera’s team of consultants help constantly upgrade and migrate systems with zero data loss and minimum downtime.

Disaster recovery and BCP (Business Continuity Planning):

Our team of experts identifies the objectives - Recovery Point and Recovery Time, and also helps with the reconstitution process to ensure unprecedented system failure doesn’t make you lose data and recover almost immediately. This also helps in business continuity planning during such downtimes.

Performance Audit:

After deploying integration, the team at Lera also assists in CNC and functional audits to maximize gains from the software and check that it is constantly functioning as expected.

As JDE’s preferred implementation partner, we constantly thrive to ensure that integrations such as the e-invoicing regime are easily managed for organizations. Our client base majorly involves manufacturing and banking firms that require constant upgrades and updates. With a vast domain expertise and technology know-how, Lera has assisted businesses across geographies and has a proven track record of quality deployment to ensure a smooth transition to new systems/updates.

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