Accelerating Innovation

With the cloud-native development

Managed Services

Get a tailored cloud to meet your business needs

Lera’s cloud management platforms are built for a comprehensive approach for enterprises to transform, operate, and deliver digital services. Managed cloud services deliver a single management capability across data centers, creating data integrated solutions for IT transformation, management, and operation.

We offer secure, predictive, and proactive management services that support digital workspaces to execute critical business processes. LERA enables your organization to deliver hybrid cloud infrastructure in a managed as-a-Service model with the complete infrastructure (compute, networking, storage, backup, facilities, and network connectivity)

Deploying Managed cloud services can help you to:

  • Create simplified solutions by streamlining all IT environments

  • Integrate and manage solutions irrespective of platforms or service providers 

  • Enhance security, compliance, and resilience of your IT environment

  • Buy more time for value added innovation

  • Differentiate by leveraging AI & data

With Lera’s cloud management strategies, your enterprise can develop strategies to manage a multi cloud environment. Salient features of the same: 

  • Align business and IT strategies for platform recommendations, functional designs, and operational roadmaps.

  • Build a cloud native strategy to innovate at lower costs 

  • Monitor the performance and availability with managed resources.

At LERA, we know our journey, as we know our industry and our path for the betterment of our Tomorrow!

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