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Innovation, Investment, Direction

The Global Mobile Workforce is poised to increase to 1.87 Billion in 2022. This will be close to 45% of the global workforce. Data security, lack of expertise, and supporting a multi-platform device are then some of the concerns for organizations. Mobility solutions, when implemented correctly, can overcome the shortcomings and lead to more productivity and higher customer engagement.

Lera’s cutting-edge mobile apps enable users to use cloud technology for data access to growing their businesses. Our services sync with your business processes to deliver engaging, easy to use mobile solutions for the digital shift.

We are focused on making device and technology independent designs to help you stay connected on the go. Encompassing mobility into your organization, we also equip your workforce with the power to make decisions on-the-go and reduce dependency on physical presence.

Our Full Range of Mobility Solutions:

Strategy services: our team builds strategies specific to your business needs by-

Identifying the key success factors and advancing for higher user adoption.

Determine your business needs and provide the best technology platform, architect, and component for the mobility solution

Researching emerging technologies through our mobile centers for excellence

Solution applications: we create tailored designs and solutions for your mobility needs by-

Creating feature-rich applications

Integrating mobility solutions with pre-existing applications and merging to new platforms.

Using automation tools, performing data integrity checks to reduce errors in the mobility solutions.

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