Retail Chain located in India


  • Client has over 50 Shoes & Apparel Stores across South India
  • Navision is used for all their Operations for various functions including Inventory Management
  • Auditing of the Inventory across different stores used to be validated manually making it a very time consuming process

Solution Delivered

  • Lera Tech engaged with client by deploying an audit module that was custom built and Integrated with Navision to have a seamless process
  • Handheld scanners were utilized in scanning RFID tags in each store and store inventory data was gathered in a very short period of time and minimal efforts
  • Store Inventory data was reconciled with Navision Inventory data by integrating directly with Navision
  • We ensured employees were trained appropriately to be proactive
  • Client has since been able to save significant dollars an immediate impact on bottom line.