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Business and IT processes are forced to transform at a rapid pace owing to a lot of factors. The triggers include globalization, technology advancements, challenges in regulatory compliance, etc. To keep pace with this transformation, companies are under increasing pressure to ensure faster and better delivery of software and services to stay competitive.

At Lera, we help you build robust quality assurance strategies and processes. Services that ensure that your IT applications are reliable have enhanced security and, at the same time, deliver quality customer experience to your business.

We have an array of a range of Quality assurance and testing services backed by AI and ML technologies to deliver efficient QA processes to our clients that can enhance their projects and help them level up to the digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Testing

Lera offers cost-effective digital transformation solutions created in alignment with in house testing tools. These tools help in enhancing customer satisfaction through our cost-effective digital transformation.

Performance Testing

Our experts check your websites under all circumstances. Load testing is done to check your system’s response with load variations. Undergoing stress testing, a system becomes robust by knowing the maximum load capacity.

Functional Testing

Our tried and tested methodologies help improve your website/software functionality without compromising any sensitive data. We also make sure that our testing services are in line with your business requirements.

Security Testing

Use of the latest tools and techniques to know how vulnerable your system is, what are the chances of security breach? Our experts validate the current system to detect any loopholes and then suggest necessary remedies to minimize the risk.

Test Automation

Our test automation experts at Lera are skilled in developing customized and comprehensive test automation solutions. These can be used to improve the functionality and life-cycle in software development.

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