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In the past 2 decades we have scaled ourselves to become an innovative Solutions provider in Digital Transformation with strong in-house competence in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Engineering and Data Analytics. We provide powerful convergence of marketing landscape and technology. Our lean structure allows us to react flexibly to your needs. We enable you to expand digitally, the geographies you can reach and the vertical markets you can address in a faster and easier way.

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What We offer

We strive to deliver the expertise needed to modernize and re-engineer your businesses. With about 70% of the digital businesses taking over 75% market share, data has become an essential commodity. It sets up a strong basis for any organization to scale and optimize. We offer our customers intelligent products and services in the space of Real Time solutions, Data Science, Data Engineering, and Big Data Analytics. Our experienced technology consulting and application development practices helps customers to put their data to work and get #insights to get expected value.

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Why Choose Lera

We aim to further grow as a company to be entrusted with your dreams and futures. The culture of our company and its values make the difference. As a 21st century company we are striving for a higher level of excellence contributing with the world’s most innovative technology.

Why SMB Companies are most suitable for Innovation?

This may sound fantastic, but small and medium businesses are actually better suited to be more innovative than a larger organization. Small and medum businesses can execute ideas more quickly and pivot easier than enterprise level companies. They don’t spend months or years evaluating new ideas. They can develop and implement new ideas quickly. Moving the innovation process to a fast track promotes creative thinking in the company

Why is experimentation critical for the digital economy?

No transformation is more challenging than meeting the service expectations of digitally empowered customers. Thriving companies are also integrating related products and services into sophisticated industry solutions. Companies must become more innovative to better respond to the highly competitive, global business environment.  Companies must rethink their structures and culture to better deal with new market environments and business models.

How Critical is Data Governance to starting any advanced analytics initiative?

Advanced Analytics Journey begins ensuring consistent and clean data, which is nothing but data governance. Data governance is about establishing methods, and an organization with clear responsibilities and processes to standardize, integrate, protect and store corporate data. Lera enables you to centralize governance and innovate quicker.

What is an effective approach to leverage remote/offshore delivery models?

Leveraging resources provides shareholders and partners with the capital stewardship they require to ensure that project management and engineering best practices are effectively applied to all projects through remote/offshore delivery models.  This arrangement allows a high level of participation and the ability to control results, reducing risk.








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