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In an attempt to gain a competitive edge, enterprises are making efforts to know more about their business and market, and knowing it faster and sooner than others. Business Intelligence solutions at Lera provide business analytics to leverage organisations for transforming data into intelligent, easy to understand visualisations that can be referred to for business decisions.

While organizations want to modernize their BI infrastructures and practices; including information management, data quality and data integration for improved agility and efficiency; they often don’t know where to start.

At Lera, our Business Intelligence services strategy includes a built-in automation and intelligence system to prepare and model data with ease. This enables organisations to bring their data to life through data visualisations and AI-powered features to present a thoroughly analysed report to your users.

Our enterprise business intelligence solutions’ empower your organisation to:

    • Build and enhance robust reporting platforms
    • Secure access to key metrics to make informed decisions, anytime and anywhere
    • Create data exploration experiences that can be used every day to get started with operations quickly

At Lera, we employ business intelligence systems which include visualization tools, centralized metadata strategies, quality assurance (QA) processes, and performance tuning services. We combine BI technical expertise with the business domain expertise to make the approaches successful.

The key advantage of using Lera’s Business Intelligence solutions is the ease of sharing reports equally with teams inside and outside the organisation so that people can work off the same information.

BI Tools from Lera are powerful, analytical, and enterprise enabled that can be used by business analysts, BI professionals, and business users for better and faster decision making.

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