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Data Engineering

End-to-end data handling and stewardship

76% of companies will invest in Big Data Analytics in the next two years, and 87% of them will fail in getting ROI due to non-performing data assets. Lera’s holistic approach assures our customers of high-quality data, complete data maps, and mature governance.

With an array of the stages involved in the data lifecycle, from data collection to data visualization and all the stages in between, we ensure our customers get organized and structured data through clear data pipelines to enable them to uncover actionable insights.

We help our customers by organization excellence to get higher success in their data programs:

Data Foundation
We understand every organization’s data needs are different for real-time monitoring and alerting, data lakes, visualization, data warehousing, analytics, or machine learning. Our experts provide solutions across data migration, data engineering, data science, machine learning, and operations to help turn your data into a tool for innovation.

Control and Ownership
With the data lifecycle becoming more complex, our proven data governance framework is designed to implement enterprise data policies and meet compliance requirements for our customers. Allocating the right people with the right responsibilities for the right scope is the focus that we bring to the fore.

Keeping Data Clean
Enterprises spent 80% of their time fixing their data than their core business activities. Our unique approach towards Data Quality Management helps enterprises to increase their operational efficiency by getting high-quality data for their data pipelines, compliance reports, and analytical solutions. The pre-model work for any data science solution becomes less taxing to your teams.

Tracing the Origins
Lera’s state-of-art tools and processes provide customers a quick launchpad to track and trace the issues, to identify data flows, and to understand the transformation or to create the rules. Our processes also help customers to know where in the data flow, the systems are disconnected or redundant.

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