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Data Engineering

End-to-end data handling and stewardship

Enterprises have loads of data in various forms which remain unused or not being used optimally. It could be both, structured as well as unstructured, residing on cloud as well as on-premise.

Enterprises are unaware of the strength of the data lying in their own ecosystem. Leveraging Big Data requires Data Engineers who are skilled to gather, process and mine the existing data and generate business insights out of it. Treating it as another IT project may not cut the ice. Data Engineering projects also require engineers who are not only adept at generating efficient models but also understand industry and business expectations.

Here is where Lera Technologies can help you out with their tested expertise in Data Engineering.

What we Offer?

Data Lake

Lera’s Data Lake services help organizations to manage their data efficiently in a secure and centralized environment Depending on your requirements we design and implement Data Lake and connect all source systems to ingest, curate and analyze the enterprise’s internal and external data. Our experts aim at deriving positive outcomes to businesses across any industry by leveraging and implementing new tools and technologies (both Open Source and Enterprise) to optimize your business objectives by lowering TCO, raising ROI and giving a competitive advantage.

Streaming and Batch Analytics

We help our customers connect with any data systems and retrieve the data on a real-time basis or in batches for analysis. The streaming and batch analytics infrastructure are developed with meaningful visualizations and can be deployed on either Cloud or On-premises infrastructure.

Hadoop Accelerators

We are specialists in integrating and deploying Apache Hadoop and Spark for the big data initiatives using our pre-built components. Hadoop and Spark have become incredibly important technologies for your big data applications and projects. We leverage our years of expertise in big data technologies to help you get the most out of these technologies.

Big Data Development

Our team of data engineers develop data products, deploy them using best practices (DevOps), and facilitate Big Data analytics activities with various visualization techniques. We understand your business needs and suggest the right hardware and tools for achieving goals (Capacity Planning). We focus on data discovery, ingesting, consolidating, and processing the big data for Enterprise Analysis that will keep you at the forefront of the competition. We leverage various NoSQL databases to store, manage and Cache huge amounts of data in ways that allow for high operational speed (In-memory DBs) and great flexibility as part of Big Data development.

Big Data Managed Support

Being a pacesetter in Big Data services, our experts have the prowess to manage Big Data environments. Our team of big data consultants (Customer Support Executives) offer 24*7 platform / application support and provide 100% up-time with better performance to rule out any issues. We also extend support exclusive Hadoop/NoSQL administration and end-to-end data governance.


Reduced overall IT costs
Better understanding of Customers & market conditions
Improved capabilities of existing applications
Better targeting of marketing activities
Better decision making
Better focused and targeted campaigns
Gain competitive advantage

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